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NIGHT CROSSING, the third in the trilogy is now available.

To celebrate this completion, The Drawing Lesson, the very first in the trilogy, is a Wattpad Featured Novel.

What does this mean for you?

You can read all of The Drawing Lesson  RIGHT HERE  for free where you’ll be introduced to the world of Alexander Wainwright, a visionary artist.

Why should I read it, you ask?

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a visionary artist?

Do you think, like Alex, that life is the greatest mystery of all?

Are you hungry for challenges to your thoughts about love, life, art, passion and creativity?

Then you must meet Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter on his perpetual journey to find his light and his muse.

The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde, Night Crossing, The Trilogy of Remembrance, novels,suspense, mystery, art, creativity

In The Drawing Lesson

Do you think, as does Alex, that the world is filled with marvelous, secret forces that bring meaning and richness to life? Or—is life and the universe just a meaningless dance of molecules? That is the view of Rinaldo the conceptual artist and nemesis of Alexander. If you like such questions, then join Alex as he travels from London to Venice and then Toronto and New York. The best answers will be your own answers.


The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde, Night Crossing, The Trilogy of Remembrance, novels,suspense, mystery, art, creativity

In The Fate of Pryde

Have you ever met someone who made you ask how the very best and the very worst of mankind could thrive in one human breast? You are beset with great admiration and fondness for this person which conflicts with a growing sense of unease and then sudden revulsion. Along with Alex you will journey to the south of France to visit Jonathan Pryde at his residence for once brilliant scientists, philosophers and artists where the fate of Jonathan Pryde plays out.




In Night Crossingwho better than Alexander Wainwright himself to tell you about that tale?


The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde, Night Crossing, The Trilogy of Remembrance, novels,suspense, mystery, art, creativity

Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter

Alexander Wainwright [London] November 18th, 2014

I’m Alexander Wainwright of The Trilogy of Remembrance—The Drawing Lesson and The Fate of Pryde and I’m delighted to announce that Night Crossing, the third in that trilogy has been published. Never have I experienced such mystery and suspense as in this third novel Night Crossing. Remember it was I who lived it!

It’s a marvelous story about a love so profound, it transcends life and death. It’s about fathers and sons and cruelty and compassion.

It’s about art, life and love and the magic of making something from nothing. And—it’s about finding that balance between love and the passion to create and that yearning in all of us for what lies beyond.

It was a journey—I could not understand why, but I felt inexplicably compelled— from London to Paris and St. Petersburg. It’s also about strange, unknown forces in the universe we can scarcely begin to understand. Some call those events happenstance. I call it synchronicity.

But by the time I was done, I did understand something important. I had discovered my new art and a new life of love. Some sort of balance had been struck–at least for the moment.


But speaking of the first two novels, The Drawing Lesson and The Fate of Pryde, why not take a moment to look at these two videos.


Discover all the writings of Mary E. Martin, Canada’s treasured- author of The Osgoode Trilogy and  The Trilogy of Remembrance. From the halls of justice, to the swirl of the art world, Mary is captivating readers with a depth of writing that will delight and intrigue.” ~ AvidReviewer.com

Be inspired by the newly released and final installment of The Trilogy of Remembrance, Night Crossing, Presently, The Drawing Lesson is a Wattpad Featured novel which you can read in it’s entirety right here Wattpad.com

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