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NIGHT CROSSING ~ A Meeting of Significance.

  Night Crossing A story by Alexander Wainwright, landscape painter.  #Novels #shortstories #painting #synchronicity Have you ever misjudged someone so utterly and completely that you question your own sanity and senses? You write someone off as a hostile curmudgeon when he or she is actually only painfully shy and in need of a kind word? […]

Synchronicity and the Mystery of Number Ninety One

#freestories #synchronicity  A Story told by Alexander Wainwright, landscape artist I thought I was in Trafalgar Square, but were these women MacBeth’s witches?           If you’re like me, you may be rather embarrassed to admit a belief in synchronicity. By that I mean the coming together of certain events which hammer […]

Synchronicity and Creativity

Chardin, Palace of Versailles, J.M.W. Turner, novels about artists, creativity, art, sublime, radiant, The Trilogy of Remembrance, Joseph Campbell, mythology, William Blake, Aldous Huxley, doors of perception.

        Everyone is talking about creativity. But what about synchronicity? Are they related?   Just think for a moment about synchronicity. Two or more unrelated events clash together like lightening to create a meaningful, [often mind-boggling] message for you. It seems mysteriously orchestrated in some other place—outside time and space.   If […]