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  It is beyond me to explain. I can only describe. I might be standing before my easel or, as now, walking from the High Street Station in Kensington to a restaurant to meet Daphne. Suddenly, I am somewhere else. My senses might tell me I am floating as in a dream or it could […]

Art: The Painter and the Psychiatrist.

creativity, art, novels about artists, unconscious, subconscious, psyche, Edward Hopper, Carl Jung, Freud, Dali, Norman Rockwell, De Chirico, Joseph Campbell, Surrealism

I’ve always loved the paintings of Edward Hopper. I remember seeing a major retrospective of his work at the MoMA a number of years ago. When I sat before Night Hawks, for perhaps twenty minutes, my daughter asked me, “What are you seeing?” What a terrific question! For a long time, I’ve wondered if my […]