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Parisian pianist, representational art, conceptual art, The Trilogy of Remembrance, Constable, Marcel Duchamp, novels, suspense, mystery, literary,

Alexander Wainwright, landscape painter and star of The Trilogy Of Remembrance.


I, Alexander Wainwright, a landscape painter featured in the novel Night Crossing, the third in The Trilogy of Remembrance, am here to tell you of my journey from London to Paris and St. Petersburg. I was searching for Henri Dumont, the Parisian Pianist. I found him quite “by chance” [if you believe in chance] in the cafe in the Luxembourg Gardens.Parisian pianist, video, trailer, novel, suspense, mystery, cosmic egg,  travel, art, vision, creativity,

Parisian Cafe




Parisian pianist, Video, trailer, Night Crossing, The Trilogy of Remembrance, painist, artists in novels, spritual, death

Henri Dumont, Parisian pianist


Why would this be of interest to you? It’s simple but fascinating! Dumont is living proof that the human spirit can transcend life and death!

Please take a moment to enjoy this video and meet Henri Dumont.

All the novels of The Trilogy of Remembrance [The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing] are available in print and download versions at any online bookstore.



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