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If you’re in the mood for a confection…something light, funny and entertaining, try Magic in the Moonlight, Woody Allen’s latest movie. I know! I’ve read a lot of the reviews too which pan it, but still for me it has its charms. #novels #movies #suspense #mystery #Magic in the Moonlight

Set in the south of France, the film, with its palatial homes and Cezanne-like landscapes, is delightful to watch.


Colin Firth plays a Chinese magician who makes all sorts of things [including elephants] disappear on stage. But off stage, he devotes his time and energy to debunking all manner of mediums and spiritualists as frauds. He’s certain they are frauds because he knows all the tricks.

However he meets his match in the character played by Emma Stone whom he sets out to expose as a charlatan.


Magic in the Moonlight, The Drawing Lesson, The Trilogy of Remembrance, Mary E. Martin, art, artists, philosophy of life,  novels, suspense, mystery, Woody Allen, Colin Firth, Emma StoneBut she knows so many things about him which she could not possibly know without special perceptions. She’s also very pretty and very witty.

But why do I mention this film at all? As I watched it I was taken by the central theme. The so-called rational mind insists that what we see is all there is [Colin Firth].  The opposite view is of course that just because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist [Emma Stone]. At one point in the movie, Colin Firth is so impressed with her abilities to perceive the occult that he calls a press conference to declare that all his life he has been wrong in debunking spiritualism.

It’s a real issue which I found so fascinating that I ended up exploring it in writing The Drawing Lesson, the first in The Trilogy of Remembrance.

Magic in the Moonlight, art, novels, suspense novels, Trilogy of Remembrance, The Drawing Lesson, Alexander Wainwright, art, artist,  Mary E. Martin

Which do you believe? That the world is simply a meaningless dance of molecules and what we see is all there is? Nothing more than the five senses?

Magic in the Moonlight, Woody Allen, Rinaldo, conceptual art, novel, suspense, artists, conceptual art, The Drawing Lesson, The Trilogy of Remembrance

That’s the view of Rinaldo, [shown above] the conceptual artist.

Or do you side with Alexander Wainwright when he says that this universe is governed by magical, mysterious force which have an effect upon us we cannot understand?

Magic in the Moonlight, Woody Allen, novel, artists, suspense, Trilogy of Remembrance, Tate Modern,  philosophy of life

Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter


If you’d like to know what Alexander and Rinaldo think, try The Drawing Lesson. It all comes down to how you see the world—or what you see or don’t see.

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