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  I’m Alexander Wainwright, landscape artist and CyberSpace adventurer. You’ll also find me searching for the MUSE in the novels of The Trilogy of Remembrance–TheDrawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing.  When I’m between novels, I like to explore all the nooks and cranies of cyberspace. On these journies I have met so […]


  It is beyond me to explain. I can only describe. I might be standing before my easel or, as now, walking from the High Street Station in Kensington to a restaurant to meet Daphne. Suddenly, I am somewhere else. My senses might tell me I am floating as in a dream or it could […]


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Announcing a contest! The prize is a short story written just for you!   I’m Alexander Wainwright of The Trilogy of Remembrance, landscape artist and cyberspace adventurer. I am joined by author Mary Martin and we invite you to join us as a creative collaborator!   The Contestant’s Challenge is to set my next cyberspace adventure, where we go […]

DR. JUNG and his DREAM

I am ALEXANDER WAINWRIGHT. My trips to CyberSpace are like popping down the rabbit hole. Anything can happen from the darkly absurd to the heart rending and sublime. I’ve met all sorts of famous personages from any time and place. I’m convinced CyberSpace is a very real place. It has its own physical laws and […]