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The Paintings of Colville and Hopper

novels,suspense, art, painting, Alex Colville, Edward Hopper, The Trilogy of Remembrance

#art #artists #novels #suspense #painting #myth #mythology #     What instinct drives this dark horse down the track to its fate? The train, its headlight boring down, cannot stop in time or can it? Full steam ahead–collision—death—destruction! Or at the very last moment does the horse leap from the tracks. One sunny fall day […]

The Myth of the Story Teller and The Scientist

  Who knows what lies beneath the surface of the psyche? Peer deeply into this image. Does it suggest the human psyche? It does to me. Already, I can see dream-like figures rising up. But it’s not. No one’s ever seen the psyche. In fact, this is a photograph the Cariana Nebula found somewhere deep […]

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