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Announcing a contest!

The prize is a short story written just for you!  

I’m Alexander Wainwright of The Trilogy of Remembrance, landscape artist and cyberspace adventurer. I am joined by author Mary Martin and we invite you to join us as a creative collaborator!  

The Contestant’s Challenge is to set my next cyberspace adventure, where we go and whom we meet in time. 

Mary and I will do the rest. Together, with your inspired guidance, we hope to explore new vistas and horizons of creative endeavor, entertain our friends, and elevate each other’s spirits in the process. 

As an artist, I am always in search of inspiration.  The thought occurred to Mary that it would be exciting to invite her friends to challenge us creatively by becoming my “Muse”.  This contest is an experiment in creative collaboration, a subject of interest for Mary and I, as well as here on the blog.

I have had the most extraordinary adventures in cyberspace! I’ve met Dr. Jung in his dream, Beethoven in Venice, and the great artist Marc Chagall at his easel. Those are just a few of the adventures which you can read on this blog. But these experiences are highly addictive and I am driven to seek more.

Please join me collaboratively by submitting your idea and inspiring the next big adventure. All you need to do is…


  1. SEND AN EMAIL to memacom2@gmail.com, Subject: ALEXANDER IN CYBERSPACE; your message body should contain your idea for where I will go – the setting, and whom I meet in time.
  • Be sure to include a reply to email address so that we can contact you about your idea and send you a draft copy for approval and one round of edits. [Believe me, you won’t need anymore.]
  • We will include a copy of the original submission when we publish a completed story. Our “Muse” will receive complete credit, including a brief bio [200 words max] to be included when we publish the story.
  • Mary and I will sift through the entries to select the most interesting and creative challenges for my next cyber adventures and write blog-sized short stories [1000 to 1500 words each] using the parameters set by our contest entrants.
  • Short stories completed through this contest will be published on this blog, and shared through Facebook and other social media.
  • Contributors will receive an e-copy of our  story collaboration, which they may re-post – with appropriate credits, through their own blog and social media.

When deciding my next adventure, call upon your muse and be as creative as she demands. So far, I’ve met artists, scientists and other great thinkers… even two politicians. You can be as detailed and inventive about who I will meet and what they are doing when I first encounter them, as you please.

Is it an artist from the past such as Van Gogh as he painted Starry Night? Are they scientists in the future about to discover something in the realm of quantum physics or a cure for cancer. Whatever you like and wherever your imagination takes you. At least two entries will be chosen [maybe more depending on whether I love the ideas. So be creative.]

It’s your chance to stretch your creative powers and hit the internet.

I look forward to hearing from you with your instructions.

Perhaps you can get some inspiration and ideas from this video in which I appear.

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