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Two Fictional Characters Meet at the Carousel in Central Park

Almost two years ago, I approached author Maggie Ball with an idea I’d been longing to try out. I had just finished reading her novel Sleep Before Evening featuring her protagonist Marianne Cotton. She’s a young woman who wants to study music, but has to overcome a lot of problems to do so. The novel begins […]

The 66th Street Carousel in Central Park, starring Marianne Cotton and Alexander Wainwright

What if….a character could jump from the pages of his own story to meet another character from a different novel? What if the two of them met secretly somewhere beyond the view of their creators [their authors]? What would happen if they came to life, cast off the plots devised by their authors and told […]

Alexander Waits For Rinaldo.[7/10]

I had time to fill in waiting for Rinaldo to show up. In this part of the story, I think about a strange happening on San Marco, which you can read about in The Drawing Lesson, the first in the Trilogy of Remembrance by my creator Mary E. Martin. Lots of people speak about the relationship […]

The Drawing Lesson

Magical light creates stunning visions in Alexander Wainwright’s landscape paintings. His most recent painting, The Hay Wagon, is a marvelous, moonlit scene, with an old-fashioned hay wagon dominating the foreground, with a beautiful, unearthly glow. Yet, at the pinnacle of his career, he is about to lose his muse. Not everyone appreciates his work. Rinaldo, […]

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