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A Trial of One

The Osgood Trilogy – Book 3

“The gathering of the ravens presages a disturbance of the natural order.” Attorney Harry Jenkins is back in A Trial of One, the final installment of the unsolved saga started in Mary E. Martin’s Conduct in Question and continued in Final Paradox.
Jenkins is on a frantic search for shares of Elixicorp Enterprises stock, worth over thirty million dollars, for his elderly client, Norma Dinnick. The shares were originally sold to raise money for research into memory loss in seniors. Ironically, no one seems to remember just where the shares might be.
Pursuing Jenkins through Toronto and London, and to the darkened, narrow calles of Venice, is Dr. Robert Hawke, a sinister madman who claims to have the cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Keep an eye of Dr. Hawke. He will, in time, reveal the true meaning of and danger in—a trial of one.
As their chase unravels a decades-old fraud, yet another search is underway for the mysterious Q. Dorothy Crawford, widow of Jenkins’ law partner Richard Crawford, believes Q, a jealous lover or angry husband, has murdered her husband.
As it sometimes happens in life, Harry, while hunting for the treasure, finds something else of even greater importance—understanding of life, love and forgiveness.
With its memorable characters and vivid landscapes, along with author Mary E. Martin’s signature blend of humor and suspense, A Trial of One delivers an ultimately satisfying conclusion to the Osgoode Trilogy.
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Canadian legal mystery Toronto legal mystery

Canadian legal mystery      Conduct in Question - The Osgood Trilogy - Book 1
  • Readerviews.com – Best Literary Fiction Award.
  • ForeWord Magazine – Finalist in Book of the Year Award.
  • The London Book Festival – Honorable mention.
  • The DIY Convention – Honorable mention.

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