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Creativity ~ Camera or Paintbrush?

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  Henri Cartier-Bresson’s long life was one unbroken burst of creativity. As a young man, he quickly left music studies behind. Then he began to express his artistry by painting and drawing. He definitely considered himself greatly inspired and influenced by the Surrealist painters. All told, he was a prolific multimedia artist who became known […]

The Two Trilogy Podcast

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Two Trilogies and Two Leading Men. EVER WONDER HOW CHARACTERS IN NOVELS ARE BORN? If you listen here you’ll find out how two characters were “born”. I was interviewed on Blog Talk radio by Vonnie Faroqui of Ink Slinger’s Whimsey and we talked about my two trilogies and their leading men. Interview of Mary E. […]

Warhol ~ How Soup Tins and Celebrities Become Icons.

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#Warhol #Myth #Icon #archetype How can a soup tin and a celebrity become an icon in the Pop Art world? POP ART caught fire in the early 1960’s in New York where artists such as Andy Warhol worked. This artist drew upon the surrounding popular culture for his inspiration and subject matter. Commonplace objects such as […]