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Reviews of The Trilogy of Remembrance.

Exciting reviews! I’ve had the great privilege of having the entire Trilogy of Remembrance reviewed by Glenda Bixler, a Wattpad member and also the blogger at Book Reader’s Heaven. It is wonderful for any author to realize that all the thoughts and feelings he or she had hoped to convey to a reader/reviewer have been so understood […]

The American Dream

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Welcome to The  Gallery of the Imagination which is featuring the American Dream. I’m Alexander Wainwright, a landscape artist from London and I love to wander through all sorts of art galleries. You’ll see in my gallery today the work of two very different artists—Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper. Each of them has his own […]


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The Row at the Tate Modern Gallery! Alexander Wainwright, landscape artist and star of The Trilogy of Remembrance. One evening at the Tate Modern Gallery in London, two British artists–Alexander Wainwright and Rinaldo began a debate in a relatively civilized fashion. But Rinaldo had the poor taste to show his video which was ungentlemanly of […]