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Alexander searches Venice for Rinaldo [Part 5/10 of Rinaldo’s Art Project]

On my first night in Venice, I found a café not far from the hotel, where violinists played Vivaldi—that brilliant Venetian who composed music centuries ago. I sat outside on the patio and had a wonderful view of the Grand Canal. I ordered veal with lemon and a glass of Chardonnay. Venice leads inexorably to […]

Memory, Dream and Art [Part 3/10]

Today on the blog where novel characters exercise their right to free speech, Alexander Wainwright gets to speak his mind about Venice and his search for Rinaldo. In Parts one and two  you will find that he has been sent on a search for his nemeisis Rinaldo. This story is not in any of the […]

Rinaldo’s Manifesto of Conceptual Art! [Part 2 of 10]

Now that you’ve heard from Alexander, it’s only fair to give his nemesis, Rinaldo, his time. But be forewarned! With Rinaldo, it’s never just about ART. He is a trickster after all. I haven’t had a chance to say a thing yet, but it’s only fair to be permitted some time to respond. It’s true. […]