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CHAPTER 2 #novels about artists #literary suspense.The Drawing Lesson, the first in The Trilogy of Remembrance. Has the creative spirit of a great artist died? Has Rinaldo so undermined Alexander with the scene at the Tate Modern? Enjoy chapter 2 and get your copy of the novel here. The Drawing Lesson: Despite my telephone messages, […]


    #DonaldTrump #Trumbo #scapegoating #fearmongering #freedom #paranoia Good grief! Not again! Today we have a new merchant of fear and paranoia–Donald Trump. If ever we needed to remember history, it is right now. But rather than cracking open the history books, go see the movie Trumbo out just now. It will tell you of […]


  It is beyond me to explain. I can only describe. I might be standing before my easel or, as now, walking from the High Street Station in Kensington to a restaurant to meet Daphne. Suddenly, I am somewhere else. My senses might tell me I am floating as in a dream or it could […]

Showdown at the Tate Modern Gallery.

My friend, Charles and I are in the habit of strolling along the Victoria Embankment some evenings.  Tonight he said, “Damn it, Alex? Aren’t you walking rather quickly? I’m getting winded just trying to keep up with you!” I stopped and said, “So sorry! I’m a bit out of sorts tonight, thinking about another artist—perhaps […]

Venice Biennale~Black Lives Matter

By Alexander Wainwright. I flew into the Marco Polo airport mid afternoon for the Venice Biennale. Waiting for my luggage, I gazed out upon the sparkling sea and thought of that famous German writer, Thomas Mann, who wrote the novella Death in Venice. It’s the story of a great writer, Aschenbach, who seeks solace from from […]