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Martin Trilogies

At last, the day has arrived! August 25th, the celebration of the completion of two trilogies.


Highlighted on the tour is a live radio show interview

 Characters Gone Mad, on Blog Talk Radio with host J.D. Holiday, at 1 PM EST.

Don’t worry if you miss it. The episode will be available for download and you’ll be able to listen from my site after it airs. It’s a show with a great premise. What if our protagonists were to act outside of their character? We shall see what happens.

We’re talking about two trilogies:

The Osgoode Trilogy

If the world of law appeals, you might take a look at Conduct in Question, Final Paradox and A Trial of One, which were inspired by my many years of law practice. There you will meet Harry Jenkins, Toronto lawyer who finds love, forgiveness and compassion in world of murder, fraud and deceit.

The Trilogy of Remembrance

I invented a character, Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter. He is eager to explore the art world and certain themes such as—what sort of universe is this—random or ordered? A paradox—how can the very best and worst of humankind thrive in one man’s breast? And love—can it be so strong that it survives life and death? Read The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and most recently, Night Crossing for some thoughts on these questions.

Remember that there are many stops on this tour. At each blog, you’ll find out something about the trilogies, the characters and plots.

Just click to follow the links from the schedule below or follow along through the chain of linked host blogs . . .

Virtual Tour Schedule


Mary E. Martin  The Osgoode Trilogy ● The Trilogy of Remembrance

Maggie Ball,  The Compulsive Reader

Glenda A. Bixler, offers 3 Tour articles at Book Readers Heaven

Dallas Woodburn ‘s Writing Life

JD Holiday’s Writers Blog and World of Ink Network, BlogTalkRadio , Live Interview! Tuesday, 8/25/15,  1:00 PM EST

Magdalena Ball, Book Musings

Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews

Sue Magee,  The Book Bag

Ink Slinger’s Whimsey

Norm Goldman,  Book Pleasures

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, The New Book Review

Avid Reviewer.com

Fran Lewis,   Just Reviews

Don’t forget the giveaway contest!

With the purchase of one of the six novels, you can enter the contest for the $200.00 Amazon Gift Card right here. ENTRY FORM

An announcement of the Giveaway winner will be made from this blog, Sept 1, 2015, at 8:00 AM EST.

Want more detail about the contest? Just check the previous blog here.

See you at the party!

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  2. I am having fun following the tour and reading the various articles, reviews and making comments. I purchased a copy of Conduct in Question and had it shipped to my sister in Kitchener Ont. Congratulations on your Trilogies and Success.

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