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Two Trilogies and Two Leading Men.


If you listen here you’ll find out how two characters were “born”. I was interviewed on Blog Talk radio by Vonnie Faroqui of Ink Slinger’s Whimsey and we talked about my two trilogies and their leading men.


Interview of Mary E. Martin

But first, let me introduce these men and tell you where to find them.

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Harry Jenkins, lawyer and star of The Osgoode Trilogy






Meet Harry Jenkins, Toronto lawyer, the star of The Osgoode Trilogy which is comprised of –Conduct in Question, Final Paradox and A Trial of One–suspense novels with murder and fraud, love and forgiveness in the world of the law. This trilogy was inspired by my many years of law practice which gave me a window on the world of humanity.

Podcasts, interviews, Characters in novels, legal suspense novels, writing, literature, Mary E. Martin, The Osgoode Trilogy, The Trilogy of Remembrance, The Osgoode Trilogy

Alexander Wainwright, landscape painter and star of The Trilogy of Remembrance.

Meet Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter and leading man of The Trilogy of Remembrance which is comprised of The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing. Alex is in constant search of his muse, inspiration and light in the glitter and shadow of the art world. These novels can all be called mysteries for what greater mystery is there than the mystery of life.

Can’t say whether I love one better than the other. But why should I? I hope you like them too. Once you’ve listened in, if you like, please leave your thoughts.

Mary E. Martin is the author of two trilogies: The Osgoode Trilogy, inspired by her many years of law practice; and The Trilogy of Remembrance, set in the glitter and shadows of the art world. Both Trilogies will elevate the reader from the rush and hectic world of today and spin them into realms of yet unimagined intrigue. Be inspired by the newly released and final installment of The Trilogy of Remembrance, Night Crossing. Presently, The Drawing Lesson is a Wattpad Featured novel which you can read in its entirety right here Wattpad.com 

The novels in each of the trilogies may be found at any online bookstore in print or e-book format. Below you’ll find them in the Amazon website. Please let me know if you enjoyed them.








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5 thoughts on “The Two Trilogy Podcast

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  2. interesting story about your development into writing – I would love to hear more about your work with your clients – how you talked with them – how did you help them and more of what you life as a lawyer was all about –

    do you have any insights into why you became (or were instantly) a work aholic?(I think you referred to yourself in that manner or at least implied that) – is it because you loved what you were doing so much that you did not want to focus on anything else or for some other reason?

    • Hi Paul. INteresting questions you’ve posed. I was probably a workaholic all along. Certainly when it came to writing I was definitely addicted to the work because I did love it and the words kept coming. I think they had been pent up for years. As to law practice, I suppose I was a bit of a workaholic but then most lawyers are. Not necessarily because they love the law but because the work demands it from the practitioner. In a sense I was fortunate to practice with only one partner for a time and then in sole practice. Fortunate in the sense that I could pretty well set my own timetable and not be beholden to a lot of partners. I truly feel that the many years of practice was great experience for writing. I remember feeling that I had heard so many stories over the years and been involved in situations for clients that my own stories started to build up in me and so I just began. How about you? Do you consider yourself a workaholic ?

  3. I have never considered myself a workaholic – just that I love what I do and I feel all of the time and still at this point in time like I am just beginning –

    there is a constant feeling that there is so much ahead of me to do – to share and to travel through –

    • Walter. That is such a great feeling, which I share, that there is so much lying ahead. I have a sense that we have lived through an extraordinarily interesting time and I have no doubt that it will grow exponentially. That is why I try to keep up with the arts AND science.

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