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Cosmic Egg Caught on Video

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Who does not yearn to glimpse whatever lies beyond this phenomenal world? Those  bursting with creativity, hunger to see the Cosmic Egg, symbol of fertility, creativity and oneness.    Meet Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter, visionary artist and star of The Trilogy of Remembrance. Night Crossing, the third in the trilogy, begins with his vision […]

Reviews of The Trilogy of Remembrance.

Exciting reviews! I’ve had the great privilege of having the entire Trilogy of Remembrance reviewed by Glenda Bixler, a Wattpad member and also the blogger at Book Reader’s Heaven. It is wonderful for any author to realize that all the thoughts and feelings he or she had hoped to convey to a reader/reviewer have been so understood […]


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The Row at the Tate Modern Gallery! Alexander Wainwright, landscape artist and star of The Trilogy of Remembrance. One evening at the Tate Modern Gallery in London, two British artists–Alexander Wainwright and Rinaldo began a debate in a relatively civilized fashion. But Rinaldo had the poor taste to show his video which was ungentlemanly of […]

The Trilogy of Remembrance Contest

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Some books give you answers about life—or at least they try. The Trilogy of Remembrance asks questions—big ones—about the exciting, glorious mystery of life. Join Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape artist and visionary, in his unending search for his muse and inspiration. Travel with him from London to Paris, the south of France, Venice, St. […]


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THE TRILOGY REMEMBRANCE  by Mary E. Martin is set in the glitter and shadows of the art world. The Drawing Lesson The Fate of Pryde Night Crossing Tired of recycled themes, static characters and predictable plots? Ready for characters who make you think, feel and see as if you were right beside them? Ready to explore […]