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A Question of Love!

This time, when I awoke inside my dream, I was lying on the ground, overcome by a sweet fragrance wafting over me. What was it? I sniffed again and tried to recall. Cherry blossoms? Yes, that was it! Where was I this time? Without moving, I looked about to see a path leading up to […]

Alexander Wainwright At Rinaldo’s Party

Alexander Wainwright For one, such as I, who cannot help feeling for others, it is difficult to relate this terribly sad story. Whether it is sadder for me or Rinaldo, I cannot truly say. I know Rinaldo is a trouble maker par excellence!But I cannot help but sympathize with him. I realize this is a […]

At the Vivaldi Museum in Venice

At last! Magic fingers behind the scenes have been hard at work and have repaired my blog. Let’s pick up on “Rinaldo’s Art Project.” Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape artist, has been hunting for the conceptual artist, Rinaldo, all over Venice. Rinaldo’s been leaving clues for him and now Alex sits waiting for him at […]