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      I know of only one novel in which Dr. Jung is a character. If there are any others, please do let me know. PILGRIM is  a novel written by Timothy Findley, a Canadian author, who died in 2004. Findley first sought his professional home on the stage at the Stratford Festival in […]

The Magic of Travel and Writing.

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#travel #creativity #novels #art #magic #writing Magic in travel? You must be kidding! All we hope is to get there and back safely. When we consider the long lines, the cancelled flights, the rude security staff and the cramped seats, don’t we all feel a lot like cattle being pushed and prodded from A to […]

Why Do You Like That Story?

Scrooge! A Christmas Carol. It’s getting harder and harder to choose a novel. Maybe that’s partly because we haven’t thought about why we like one writer and not another or one story and not another. We just hunt around and hope we’ll come across something that grabs us. But with so many choices today, it’s easy […]