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Hopper’s Paintings: Capturing Private, Solitary Moments

    Can a painting inspire a novelist? I certainly think so. Automat by Edward Hopper certainly inspired me. I have a fascination with his paintings. Somehow— whether by technique, imagination or subject matter—he is able to create the most compelling and evocative scenes which all tell a story. One of my favourites is Automat an […]

Novel Characters Escape their Book Pages!

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The travels of Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape artist and protagonist of The Trilogy of Remembrance. If you’re like me, characters in novels fascinate you. How do they come into being, what moves them and why do they do what they do? Of course, the best ones are complex and contradictory with layers upon layers […]

Alexander Wainwright At Rinaldo’s Party

These stories are developed from the novels of The Trilogy of Remembrance [The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing] and are designed to entice you into that world and read them. Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter and visionary artist, is the star. Think of them as delightful appetizers. Enjoy and respond! […]