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Radiant and Sublime Art.

Have you seen the movie Mr. Turner about the famous British landscape artist, J.M.W. Turner? Remember how he used light so powerfully as a spiritual force that it created waves of action in his paintings. If you missed the post Light and Spirit in Art  click here. You can also catch the movie trailer there as well. One […]

Light and Spirit in Art.

#spirituality #art #novels #art #synchronicity #creativity #landscape #painting In my blog post, “Synchronicity and Creativity”, I talked about one quality any truly great artist must possess. Primarily, she or he must have access to that vast “library” of the human experience found in the unconscious and the collective unconscious. That is where all the material […]

Night Crossing: Three Chapter Readings

SCROLL down for three readings by the author.          Hello, I am James Helmsworth, art dealer for Alexander Wainwright and narrator of The Trilogy of Remembrance. Looking for the world of ideas, art, life and love? Join Alexander, Britain’s finest landscape painter, on his journey in  search of his muse in The Trilogy […]

What’s Your Psyche Been Up To?

Everyone is talking about creativity. But what is it? Where does it come from? Is it in a special section of the brain? If not,  then where would I find it– in the brain–the psyche? But most important—how do I get it working. That’s the eternal search for the muse. How does the psyche really […]

The Power of the Muse

I’m Celia Smith, of Toronto. You may not have met me before, but you’ll find my story in The Drawing Lesson, the first in the Trilogy of Remembrance.    What kind of truth? Hopefully, a healing one. It’s about how a muse can affect not just your art, but every aspect of your entire life […]