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Chagall ~ Art as a Joyous Fantasy


Chagall ~ Gallery Hopping     Off to see the paintings of MARC CHAGALL. His life seems a joyous fantasy expressed in his paintings and stained glass. Chagall said—that he lived and created with one foot dipped in the waters of the subconscious and the other on terra firma in this reality. With such talk […]

Chagall in Cyberspace

Marc Chagall, Carl Jung, art. painting, Cyberspace, time travel, adventure, free stories, The Trilogy of Remembrance, Alexander Wainwright, painting, award winning novels, mystery, suspense.

The voice inside my head was neither harsh nor gentle. It was neither male nor female It said, “You have arrived. It is the year 1911.” For me, living in the twenty first century, this was indeed remarkable. “But where am I?” I called out. Now the voice was male and guttural with a heavy […]