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Spirituality ~The Photographs of Ansel Adams


WHAT IS SPIRITUALITY? What does spirituality mean to you? We often speak of it as if we had a shared understanding. But I suspect we all have our own individual notions. After all, what could be more personal than a sense of spirituality? Here’s my idea. I sense that “something” very tantalizing lies just beyond […]

Creativity ~ Camera or Paintbrush?

creativity, art, photography, painting, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jung, novels, The Trilogy of Remembrance, the decisive moment, meditation

  Henri Cartier-Bresson’s long life was one unbroken burst of creativity. As a young man, he quickly left music studies behind. Then he began to express his artistry by painting and drawing. He definitely considered himself greatly inspired and influenced by the Surrealist painters. All told, he was a prolific multimedia artist who became known […]

Persona Unmasked by Karsh

Persona, Photography, Yusef Karsh, portraiture, creativity, psychology, Jung, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein, novels about artists,

Yusef Karsh was a famous Canadian portrait photographer whose clientele encompassed the great and mighty from the world of the arts, science and politics. As I look at his work, the question arises: did he slip past the persona of his subjects and capture their essence, the real person, and if so–how? Carl Jung frequently […]