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Hopper’s Paintings: Capturing Private, Solitary Moments

    Can a painting inspire a novelist? I certainly think so. Automat by Edward Hopper certainly inspired me. I have a fascination with his paintings. Somehow— whether by technique, imagination or subject matter—he is able to create the most compelling and evocative scenes which all tell a story. One of my favourites is Automat an […]

The Paintings of Colville and Hopper

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#art #artists #novels #suspense #painting #myth #mythology #     What instinct drives this dark horse down the track to its fate? The train, its headlight boring down, cannot stop in time or can it? Full steam ahead–collision—death—destruction! Or at the very last moment does the horse leap from the tracks. One sunny fall day […]

Mea Culpa!

Yesterday I published one of Alexander Wainwright’s stories about visiting his favourite painter, Edward Hopper. under the title “Back in Time: Alexander Visits a Famous Artist. However, due to technical difficulties, I am re-publishing his story again under the title “Is Cyberspace a Real Place?” which brings up the question of time travel. Please let […]

Back in Time: Alexander Visits a Famous Artist Edward Hopper.

          Amazing! I feel so light,  as if I could fly! While I’ve been able to travel about in this world—your world, I find that with a little concentration, I am able to move back and forth in time. Now I am truly a character who has escaped the pages of […]