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Alexander searches Venice for Rinaldo [Part 5/10 of Rinaldo’s Art Project]

On my first night in Venice, I found a café not far from the hotel, where violinists played Vivaldi—that brilliant Venetian who composed music centuries ago. I sat outside on the patio and had a wonderful view of the Grand Canal. I ordered veal with lemon and a glass of Chardonnay. Venice leads inexorably to […]

Rinaldo’s Manifesto of Conceptual Art! [Part 2 of 10]

Now that you’ve heard from Alexander, it’s only fair to give his nemesis, Rinaldo, his time. But be forewarned! With Rinaldo, it’s never just about ART. He is a trickster after all. I haven’t had a chance to say a thing yet, but it’s only fair to be permitted some time to respond. It’s true. […]

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