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Water colour by J.M.W. Turner on the cover of the novel, Night Crossing, the third in The Trilogy of Remembrance.


Night Crossing means so much to so many. The words conjure up a dark and murky passage or time in one’s life. For sure, it’s the complete opposite of the bright, sunny day. Somehow we need all the help we can get just to get through that time—just like Jonah in the belly of the whale!

Alexander Wainwright is Britain’s finest landscape painter and the protagonist of The Trilogy of Remembrance [The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and now, very soon, Night Crossing].

He believes that somehow, ART can help get us through those dark times and set us on the path toward the light. Alex is famous for the numinous light in his paintings.

Chagall, artists, Night Crossing,  Trilogy of Remembrance. Alexander Wainwright

It may be unusual for a landscape painter to love these paintings. The one above is by Marc Chagall. Alex says that this painting has told him that regardless of what besets him, the spirit is always floating free.

Chardin, still life, Night Crossing, Trilogy of Remembrance, Alexander Wainwright, art 

In this painting by Chardin, Alex loves the soft light which almost caresses the tea pot and the fruit and brings them to life. It makes him remember the beauty in this world.

Alex asks you to send him your image of a work of art which has helped you through a dark time [or just a work you especially like].

If you want, you can tell him what you like so much about the work and why it is important to you.

Alex, being a man who likes his own privacy, would not expect you to divulge too many personal details!

So when you post your work of art, please take a moment to “like” his Facebook page and the page for The Trilogy of Remembrance.

If you would like to know more about The Trilogy of Remembrance, take a moment to look around this website.

While you are waiting for Night Crossing, you could click here to get a copy of the first two–The Drawing Lesson and The Fate of Pryde.  http://amzn.to/ZdOlRi

Hope to hear from you soon.

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