A MDNW Original Design.

It’s been such fun having someone follow Alexander about Venice in search of the Vivaldi Museum. But I must admit, he found it a good deal more quickly than I expected. My photographer has gotten some excellent photographs of him with a wonderful variety of expressions on his face.

During the morning of his search for the Vivaldi musical score, his visage expressed everything from mild annoyance to furious anger. From real worry—even trepidation—to relief. How shall I best use these photographs?

Do these little additions to his pictures remind you of Duchamp and the Mona Lisa?

Now I expect your reaction may well be –How puerile! How could anyone think that making silly scribblings of a moustache on the photographs of Britain’s finest landscape painter makes any sense? And how could anyone think it is art?

My point is this: A century ago, Duchamp’s Mona Lisa was laughed at. Today, it is praised by the finest critics. Perhaps Alex will find his lasting fame through my work [drawn glasses and beard] and not his own pretty, but dull, landscapes. I’m giving him a real chance with this work.

By the time I am done with Alex in Venice, it will all become clear! This is the very finest of my artistic projects to date. Be sure not to miss the next installments.

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