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#fiction, #mswl, #novels, #Kindle, #interestingLit #Wattpad, #suspense book reviews, suspense novels, trilogies, Trilogy of Remembrance, The Drawing esson, The Fate of Pryde, Night Crossing, art,                   The Muse of the Written Word. For a book reviewer to review all three novels in a trilogy is a big job. Lucky for me, Sue Magee of the Book Bag.UK has done just that and reviewed all of them.  If you’d like to know what they’re about and how they struck her, just click on these links for these book reviews. Review of The Drawing Lesson by The Book Bag Review of The Fate of Pryde by the Book Bag Review of Night Crossing by The Book Bag Night Crossing is the third in The Trilogy of Remembrance and will be available online at the beginning of September if not sooner. With great thanks to Sue Magee!

While you’re here, take time to look around, sign up for the news letter and leave your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. Lots of book reviews on the site and several videos.

Also, we [Alexander Wainwright and I] are planning a book launch for Night Crossing in early September. There will be contests and free stuff before and after the launch. Sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss out.

PS: If you think I have an unusual relationship with my characters, you’re right. To me, they are very much alive and independent. That all comes from my childhood experiences with my “imaginary friends.”

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