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The Drawing Lesson by the artist Jan Steen is on the cover of the novel The Drawing Lesson.

Listen in!

Writers think they know their characters inside and out. After all, they’ve given them the very breath of life and created stories to test and “grow” them. Writers are certain they can anticipate everything a character might say or do. Sounds rather like being GOD! Far too great a responsibility for me.

And so, when I was invited to a radio show interview called Characters Gone Mad hosted by JD Holiday. I determined to bring my character, landscape artist Alexander Wainwright, also star of The Trilogy of Remembrance, to the studio with me. 

That way, I reasoned, I could not get into trouble with him should I give a wrong or incomplete answer. By the way all the questions were designed to see what the author thought the character might do in–what can I say–crazy circumstances never envisioned by either author or character. 

Listen in. You might get a laugh here and there as I certainly did.

                                                    Enjoy! [Alex and I did]

Mary E. Martin is the author of two trilogies: The Osgoode Trilogy, inspired by her many years of law practice; and The Trilogy of Remembrance, set in the glitter and shadows of the art world. Both Trilogies will elevate the reader from the rush and hectic world of today and spin them into realms of yet unimagined intrigue. Be inspired by the newly released and final installment of The Trilogy of Remembrance, Night Crossing. Presently, The Drawing Lesson is a Wattpad Featured novel which you can read in its entirety right here Wattpad.com 



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