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Hitchcock’s Predecessors

Anton Chekov, The Lady with the Dog, Eden Phillpotts, Alfred Hitchcock. Drama, London stage plays, romantic comedy, The Farmer’s Wife, Laurence Olivier, pre-talkies, Mary E. Martin, short stories, The Trilogy of Remembrance, The Osgoode Trilogy, character development, writing.

WOW! I love it when I stumble upon something old when I thought I was looking for something new–especially when it comes to the movies. Then the old becomes new at least to me.  Film: Fun to wander around the web on a Sunday afternoon. Why not drop in to visit me on my website and […]

Creativity ~ Camera or Paintbrush?

creativity, art, photography, painting, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jung, novels, The Trilogy of Remembrance, the decisive moment, meditation

  Henri Cartier-Bresson’s long life was one unbroken burst of creativity. As a young man, he quickly left music studies behind. Then he began to express his artistry by painting and drawing. He definitely considered himself greatly inspired and influenced by the Surrealist painters. All told, he was a prolific multimedia artist who became known […]