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Conduct in Question

The Osgood Trilogy – Book 1

The Osgood Trilogy spans eighteen months in the life of Harry Jenkins, an estates lawyer in Toronto. Longing for freedom and love, he is trapped in a creaky Canadian law office, under his partner’s thumb. His wife of twenty years, Laura, is ready to leave him for another man. He is desperate to break free. When his senior law partner drops dead at his feet in the office, Harry is free at last—to make his own mistakes. Three story lines compel you to read on: a murder plot with a Jekyll and Hyde character at its root, a massive money-laundering scheme which nearly sucks Harry in, and to top it off, there’s a sizzling love story throughout the whole trilogy with the beautiful Natasha. Overwhelmed with murder and fraud, Harry must also answer for himself such questions as How much money is enough? Why do we so easily turn a blind eye? Fortunately, Natasha, his spirit guide is with him at every turn.

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Canadian legal mystery      Toronto legal mystery

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