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Rinaldo, the conceptual artist.






It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am Rinaldo, the conceptual artist, who appears in The Trilogy of Remembrance in the role of “thorn in the side” [I use the polite term] of Alexander Wainwright. An immense gulf  lies between the two of us on the question of what actually constitutes art.

But you must watch the video he produced about Basquiat and Charlie Parker …painting, music and inspiration. It represents a grand leap for him from painting landscapes of the English countryside.  

My congratulations to my friend and fellow artist, Alexander, with whom I am destined to collaborate some day. You might say that I am his loyal trickster.

And by the way, you should visit me on Facebook. Rinaldo – Character from The Trilogy of Remembrance.

My thoughts on art? Good of you to ask! 

Truly creative artists steal from one another every day. But only the very greatest steal from the other side of the fence. A painter can steal from a saxophone player and vice-versa. Why not? They’re all expressing the same thing—human ideas…human emotion…art and life. One of them uses a paint tin [or in Alex’s case, a paint brush] and the other a musical instrument. The right line or a colour can express the sad and lonely wail of a song. Rinaldo, April 1st, 2015

Enjoy Alexander’s video. It shows great promise!

But some may ask…how does a character in a novel possibly create a video or even a blog post like this? I can scarcely give you a good answer except that many odd things go on in Cyberspace. You’ll have to ask our author Mary E. Martin and sign up for her blogs.

Mary E. Martin is the author of two trilogies: The Osgoode Trilogy, inspired by her many years of law practice; and The Trilogy of Remembrance, set in the glitter and shadows of the art world. Both Trilogies will elevate the reader from the rush and hectic world of today and spin them into realms of yet unimagined intrigue. Be inspired by the newly released and final installment of The Trilogy of Remembrance, Night Crossing. Presently, The Drawing Lesson is a Wattpad Featured novel which you can read in it’s entirety right here Wattpad.com 

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