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Art and the Creative Fire

  These stories are developed from the novels of The Trilogy of Remembrance [The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing] and are designed to entice you into that world and read them. Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter and visionary artist, is the star. Think of them as delightful appetizers. Enjoy and […]


How often do you visit a gallery where the architecture, the building itself, is the art on display? Yes indeed, architecture can be intriguing, interesting, enlivening and sometimes even stunning but I’ve only visited one art gallery where it didn’t really matter what was on display inside. It’s the structure itself which captures the imagination […]

Shock, awe and Banksy

My friend, Marjolyn, was reading The Drawing Lesson when she received the following in the mail from Canadian painter Robert Genn. It captures his interaction with the audience at a speaking engagement. He has graciously given me permission to reproduce it here. My state of confusion August 3, 2010 Dear Marjolyn, “You don’t understand, Mr. […]

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