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What’s Great Literature? [#1]

If you’re like me when you read or write, you wonder what makes for really great literature. You know, those novels or stories [or poems, plays and essays] that have stood the test of time and are read one hundred years later. When I studied English Literature at university, I was really disappointed because such […]

Fate and Creativity

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  What does a paranoid and an empathetic person have in common? I would have thought nothing until I opened the Sunday New York Times today, October 19th and read the article Does Everything Happens for a Reason?  by Paul Bloom, Professor of Psychology and Konika Banerjee, graduate student both of Yale’s psychology department. The  answer […]

The Magic of Travel and Writing.

#travel #creativity #novels #art #magic #writing Magic in travel? You must be kidding! All we hope is to get there and back safely. When we consider the long lines, the cancelled flights, the rude security staff and the cramped seats, don’t we all feel a lot like cattle being pushed and prodded from A to […]

Hopper’s Paintings: Capturing Private, Solitary Moments

    Can a painting inspire a novelist? I certainly think so. Automat by Edward Hopper certainly inspired me. I have a fascination with his paintings. Somehow— whether by technique, imagination or subject matter—he is able to create the most compelling and evocative scenes which all tell a story. One of my favourites is Automat an […]