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Is Cyberspace a Real Place?

      Back in time: I, Alexander Wainwright visit that famous painter Edward Hopper. Is cyberspace a real place where people from any time and place can meet? Amazing! I feel so light,  as if I could fly!  Is this time travel? While I’ve been able to travel about in this world which is your world, […]

Mea Culpa!

Yesterday I published one of Alexander Wainwright’s stories about visiting his favourite painter, Edward Hopper. under the title “Back in Time: Alexander Visits a Famous Artist. However, due to technical difficulties, I am re-publishing his story again under the title “Is Cyberspace a Real Place?” which brings up the question of time travel. Please let […]

Back in Time: Alexander Visits a Famous Artist Edward Hopper.

          Amazing! I feel so light,  as if I could fly! While I’ve been able to travel about in this world—your world, I find that with a little concentration, I am able to move back and forth in time. Now I am truly a character who has escaped the pages of […]

In Search of Holden Caulfield

  Have we met before? My name is Alexander Wainwright—landscape painter and protagonist of the Trilogy of Remembrance. My personal story is contained in those three volumes. Two have been published—The Drawing Lesson and The Fate of Pryde. The third one, Night Crossing, I’m told, will be published in 2014. As you may know, I’ve […]

Art and the Creative Fire

  These stories are developed from the novels of The Trilogy of Remembrance [The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing] and are designed to entice you into that world and read them. Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter and visionary artist, is the star. Think of them as delightful appetizers. Enjoy and […]