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The Wondrous Apothecary at the Hospital

You must excuse me! I’ve not properly introduced myself. Who could be speaking to you from the upper realms of the written page of THE WONDROUS APOTHECARY? I am also the storyteller. I’m sure you are curious, because I am about to  introduce you to that renowned artist, Alexander Wainwright and a burglar-conceptual artist named […]

The Wondrous Apothecary and the Old Bailey

BOOKS AND CONVERSATION RINALDO IN HOSPITAL The Wondrous Apothecary is now published,  just in time for the holiday, gift giving season. This story follows from the novel The Trilogy of Remembrance. Have you met the artists, Alexander Wainwright and Rinaldo yet? They are in The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing AND […]