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Venice Biennale

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  Alexander Wainwright. Venice holds a most cherished place in my heart. If  I, Alexander Wainwright, try to tell you why that is, I will sound like thousands of otherwise normal human beings stammering and stuttering to express the ineffable. And so, I will only say that many of the most significant happenings in my […]

At the Met Gala!

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  #MetGala #Vogue #art #fashion #Wintour Alexander Wainwright reporting from the Met Gala Monday May 5th 2015.  I’m delighted to say that I did find my invitation to the Met Gala and so, was able to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night. Invitation in hand, I mounted the steps of the wonderful museum. […]

I Love the Met Gala!

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#Metropolitan #Museum of #art #MetGala         We may not have met, but let me introduce myself. I’m Alexander Wainwright, a British landscape painter and a character in the novels of The Trilogy of Remembrance. Although I live and work in London, I frequently visit New York. When in town, one of my […]