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The Art of Decay

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    Have you ever leafed through a book of photos of Havana, Cuba? If so, you might have found yourself exclaiming, “How beautiful they are!” But have you thought about what attracts you to these pictures?     OR WHAT ABOUT DETROIT? After years of financial mismanagement leading to bankruptcy, we enthuse over photographs of […]

Cannes Film Festival ~Chronic

  The Cannes Film Festival is underway from May 13th to the 27th. While browsing and wishing I could be there, I came across this film, Chronic, written and directed by Michael Franco and starring Tim Roth. It’s about a nurse, David, played by Roth, who works with and assists terminally ill patients. We learn […]

Mad Men~It’s All About the Women.

  Did you see the wonderful last episode of Mad Men? As one who has followed the show for all its years, I have to say that it ended “perfectly”. A few episodes back, I was really wondering how it could ever be wound up to a satisfying conclusion. But Matthew Weiner did it!   […]

Venice Biennale~Beauty and Violence.

Venice Biennale, the Propeller Group, AK-47 vs. M-16, conceptual art, creativity, inspiration, landscape painting, The Trilogy of Remembrance, novels,

Yesterday at the Venice Biennale, I happened upon an exhibition by The Propeller Group. Two artists from Vietnam [the group is based in Ho Chi Min City] spoke about their project called AK-47 vs. M-16. They were inspired by a story of two bullets which had collided when fired by the opposing sides on a […]

Venice Biennale~Black Lives Matter

By Alexander Wainwright. I flew into the Marco Polo airport mid afternoon for the Venice Biennale. Waiting for my luggage, I gazed out upon the sparkling sea and thought of that famous German writer, Thomas Mann, who wrote the novella Death in Venice. It’s the story of a great writer, Aschenbach, who seeks solace from from […]