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What’s Your Psyche Been Up To?

Everyone is talking about creativity. But what is it? Where does it come from? Is it in a special section of the brain? If not,  then where would I find it– in the brain–the psyche? But most important—how do I get it working. That’s the eternal search for the muse. How does the psyche really […]

The Power of the Muse

I’m Celia Smith, of Toronto. You may not have met me before, but you’ll find my story in The Drawing Lesson, the first in the Trilogy of Remembrance.    What kind of truth? Hopefully, a healing one. It’s about how a muse can affect not just your art, but every aspect of your entire life […]

The Muse Writes a Love Letter

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Daphne Bersault is Alexander Wainwright’s muse and lover in the novel, The Drawing Lesson and Night Crossing, in The Trilogy of Remembrance. After meeting Alex by chance on the Orient Express to Venice and spending time with him in that city, she returned home to New York. For only one night, they had become lovers. Unable […]

Creativity and the Internet Guru

Are you like me? Lost at sea on the internet? Since I’m always looking for advice, I make an appointment with my internet GURU high up in the mountains—of course. After an arduous two day climb, I arrive—panting—at his door. We writers are notoriously rather out of shape. We prefer the comfort of a keyboard […]