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Prequel [1st] to The Trilogy of Remembrance

Muse, prequel, novels, suspense,mystery, critically acclaimed novels, art, artists, Magritte, Son of Man, Alexander Wainwr, Trilogy of Remembrance, Bloomsbury, London

#novels, #art #conceptual artists #landscape painters #film #visionary Will you listen to my story of new beginnings from times long past? Think of this as a prequel to a much larger one contained in The Trilogy of Remembrance. My name is James Helmsworth and I am greatly honoured to count myself as friend and art […]

Toronto Street Art [by committee]

Graffiti, street art, Banksy, Toronto, art, artists, novels, suspense, mystery, literary, Trilogy of Remembrance, Rinaldo, Alexander Wainwwright

#art #street art #Toronto #novels #suspense #amwriting  #creativity I’m a born and bred Torontonian! Almost every culture and language is here. The city affects my writing both as a setting and in ways of looking at a world teeming with  immense variety. And as a Torontonian, I also feel entitled to point out the city’s […]

Banksy and Rinaldo

Art, street art, Toronto, Banksy, novels about artists, Rinaldo, Alexander Wainwright, The Trilogy of Remembrance, novels, suspense, mystery, literary. Michael Israel, art criticism.

    I approach visual art neither as a painter nor an art critic. My perspective is that of a novelist. What’s the connection? I “create” artists as characters for some of my books [The Remembrance Trilogy, The Drawing Lesson, The Fate of Pryde and Night Crossing]. To do that, I try to imagine what […]