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Cosmic Egg and Night Crossing

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  Good evening. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Alexander Wainwright. I prize this time in the evening when I can stroll along the banks of the Thames. It has been very hot in London this August and so, I am glad to get out of my studio for the  breeze and some fresh […]

Two Women and the Tarot Cards

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            #novels #suspense #mystery #literary #art #artists #Tarot cards It all began with a reading of the Tarot Cards. Oh, by the way, we’ve met before. I’m Alexander Wainwright, the one who strolls the Victoria Embankment just outside my studio on many evenings.  My author, Mary E. Martin, insists on […]

Shock, Awe and Banksy

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I first published this post in October 2012 about the graffiti artist Banksy. The ideas raised by Banksy’s art caught my attention because they reminded me greatly of a those of a character, Rinaldo, the conceptual artist, found in The Trilogy of Remembrance. I’m just on the point of publishing the third novel in that […]

Magic in The Moonlight [the movie]

If you’re in the mood for a confection…something light, funny and entertaining, try Magic in the Moonlight, Woody Allen’s latest movie. I know! I’ve read a lot of the reviews too which pan it, but still for me it has its charms. #novels #movies #suspense #mystery #Magic in the Moonlight Set in the south of […]

FREE Giveaway of The Drawing Lesson on Smashwords

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GIVEAWAY free download of THE DRAWING LESSON from Smashwords to the first five people who subscribe to this blog. #suspense novel #art #wattpad #Flash Friday The first five people who sign up for this blog [which I sometimes share with Alexander Wainwright, star of The Trilogy of Remembrance and Britain’s finest landscape artist] AND leave […]