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Like many writers, I began by finding a "day" job [the law, in my case] and then I crept to the kitchen table at the ungodly hour of four in the morning and began to scribble. What on earth possesses such people? Why can't they stay in bed until six or seven, like normal human beings?

What fuels this creativity? Is it that overwhelming desire to question and explain life— to find a few answers along the way? Is it that sense of bursting open if denied the expression of one's deepest thoughts? For some it's as necessary and natural as breathing.

This passion begins with questions which no one can really answer. But it seems as if one's very life depends upon trying. I am about to start my sixth novel, which will complete two trilogies. The first is set in the world of the law from which I came. The second is set in the world of art, which I have always loved. Writing about those worlds is, for me, like swimming in warm, silky water. I hope you will join me.

The Osgoode Trilogy

Can love and forgiveness be found amidst murder, fraud and deceit? This trilogy will drive you down the darkest corridors of power, through the vilest machinations of the psyche and into the light of common decency.

The Trilogy of Remembrance

What price the creative fire? The Remembrance Trilogy asks questions about the exciting, glorious mystery of life and creation. Although artist, Alexander Wainwright, may falter, he never gives up the search for his muse.

"A cast of characters that intermingle and mesh creating mystery and suspense as only author Mary Martin can write." — Fran Lewis, Goodreads.

"The Drawing Lesson is a deeply insightful book about life, choices, forgiveness, madness, self doubt, and creative inspiration. Compelling and moving." — Vonnie Faroqui, for Ink Slinger's Whimsey

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